getting ready for your everyday joy session:
What to Wear:
Comfort is key! Wear what makes you feel confident. If that's a dress, go for it! If it's jeans and a blazer, that works too. Whatever those favorite pieces are in your closet, bring them out. Because you'll be loving these photos for years to come, avoid wearing items with visible logos. Also avoid very bright colors, as they can cause unflattering reflections on faces and skin.
Where to Go:
This totally depends on what your family loves to do. While I normally like to do these sessions in your home or yard, we can also go to your local park, ball field, bowling alley, or anywhere in your neighborhood. 
What to Do:
We'll always get the "mantle shot" of everyone together smiling at the camera, but the real magic is in you guys doing what you love to do, together! 
Maybe it's making something in the kitchen, playing with the pups in the yard (or kitties with the laser pointer... wait, that's me!), creating art or reading books, playing charades, or watching the kids make a fort or show off their favorite toys -- whatever those special things are, that's what I want to document during our session. 
What to Expect:
I'll spend the first few minutes meeting everyone and, based on what activities you have in mind, will have a look around to find the best light, and/or set up my lighting. 
We'll do the "mantle shot" first and get the formal portraits finished. I'll pose you in a flattering way and we'll make sure to get all the groupings (parents and kids, parents alone, kids alone, grandparents, or whoever you'd like!).
I'll spend the rest of the session as a fly on the wall, capturing candid moments as you laugh, play, and enjoy whatever activities you've got planned. We can be indoors, outdoors, or both!
Can it feel weird? Definitely! Is it worth it? No doubt. 
I know it can be hard, and a little odd to open up in front of the camera. But trust me, it is SO so worth it. And honestly, that unease evaporates in the first few minutes. Time with our loved ones is the most precious thing we have, and documenting those moments is a treasure that'll provide comfort and serve as a reminder of a life well-lived.
Have more questions? Let's talk! 
Good communication = good experience. I'm happy to answer any questions as you prepare for the session. 
Call or text 412.863.1047, email or Facebook chat my page, Rustbelt Mayberry Photography.
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